Modern developers can no longer succeed in their roles by simply being able to code. For a developer in today's environment to truly serve the needs of their organization and clients, they need to be passionate about every facet of the work and come with multidimensional understanding.

In the 6 years that I have dedicated to growing myself as a Web Developer, I have sought to grasp and master new technologies and best practices. I have pursued and gained experience working in junior, senior, and freelance roles – each with differing challenges and priorities.

In my spare time, I often seek further knowledge in emerging development technologies, using them to complete personal projects. I venture into other personal hobbies, like brewing craft beer, with vigor and like my work, often find myself engrossed in the process of learning and improving.

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Front End Development

Keeping up with the latest technologies, I write websites using cutting edge HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript along with Bootstrap and jQuery for the most user-centric experience while maintaining backwards compatibility.

Back End Development

My strong background in PHP allows me to troubleshoot and debug legacy code, while my expertise in MVC frameworks such as Yii2 and Laravel allows me to upgrade and maintain modern applications. I am continuing to expand my skillset with projects using Python and Node.js.

System Administration

I am well versed in Linux, Apache2, and MySQL; maintaining multiple servers both physical and on cloud services such as Digital Ocean.

Mobile Development

I have worked on projects creating mobile-first applications that both look and fuction great on any platform. I also utilize tools like Cordova and Angular to create Hybrid mobile applications for iOS and Android.